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Watch Out For These Common Electrical Problems With Your Heater


We’re in the midst of winter and you’ve probably been firing up your furnace for quite some time now. Hopefully, you don’t experience any problem with your heating system along the way. Investing in HVAC maintenance for the winter season is an effective strategy to keep you worry-free.

However, no matter how you maintain your HVAC units, there are still problems that might take place when you continuously use it. Some are electrical in nature. Familiarize yourself with these common electrical problems that heaters oftentimes encounter.

Faulty Heating Components

Electric furnace and electric boilers operate using heating components which are typically sets of coils. When current pass through these coils, they burn hot causing the temperature of the air or water to rise.

There are more than one heating components present in each units. Just like any other electrical appliance, these can also fail anytime. You can still have your unit functioning when one heating element fails but it will no longer heat your home as effective as before. It will either take time or fail to reach the temperature set in your thermostat.

Capacitor Problems

The heat pump capacitor is an important component of an electrical heater which sends electrical charges to start and keep the motor running. When the capacitors experienced some wiring issues or has burnt out, it may be difficult for your heat pump to start. To prevent further damage, the capacitors should be replaced immediately.

Thermostat Wiring Issues

The control system of your furnace is the thermostat. No matter what type of fuel you’re using, furnaces are most likely controlled by electronic thermostats which can sometimes be the cause of electrical glitches. When there are faulty wirings in your thermostat, the entire furnace system can be affected. It may give wrong commands and settings or the heater may fail to operate correctly. If you notice that your furnace is not heating your home correctly, the thermostat is one of the factors that you need to check.

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