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Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Serving Families Throughout Clackamas

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside the average home is up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Nearly every home (96%) had at least one indoor air quality problem:
86% had high levels of particles and bioaerosols like dust, pollen, and viruses, 71% were filled with odors and potentially harmful chemicals and gases

Some homeowners have problems with air purification and filtration such as odors which include perfumes, pet odors, cooking airborne contamination, pollen, dirt, dander, dust mites. A solution would be an air-purification system attached to the furnace or air handler where contaminants are removed and destroyed before air is recirculated into the home.

A UV light system and air purifier is a proven way to fight allergies and reduce allergens in your home. At A-TEMP we can install a whole home air purifier, air cleaners or UV light system to your existing home comfort system. By doing such this will effectively treat and purifying the entire house.

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