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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 2022

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Saving energy = saving the planet. There are many ways for us to change how we work and live in our daily lives.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Impact at Home

Which of these resolutions will you pick up for 2022?

1. Have a Meat and Dairy-Free Day

Removing red meat and dairy from your diet for even one day can drastically decrease your carbon footprint. Choose one night during the week (Meatless Monday, anyone?) to eat vegan. If you like to experiment in the kitchen and try different recipes, this could be a fun and worthwhile resolution to pick up in the new year!

2. Cycle to Work

Now that some of us are back at the office, there’s less time to spend doing things we enjoy at home or out and about. Cycling to work not only reduces your energy consumption, but you also get some exercise and get to spend more time outside before and after work (though you may want to wait for summer to implement this one).

3. Upgrade to Efficient Appliances

Newer bulbs and HVAC systems need less energy to operate at peak capacity. If your heater or air conditioner is over ten years old, it may be time to start thinking about a replacement.

4. Air Dry Your Clothes

Another tip best utilized during the warm months, hanging your clothes to dry, is a tried and true method to reduce the amount of energy used on laundry day.

5. Buy Used Products and Goods

Did you know you can buy many products at a lower cost? You just have to get them second-hand. Shop yard sales to find great scores on furniture, or shop online! Apps like Curtsy and ThredUp allow you to buy and sell gently used clothing to reduce the amount of clothing that goes to landfills. You can even buy some used items at a discount on Amazon!

There’s no better time than a new year to think about how you can make productive changes for your life and your home. If you need help making your home more energy-efficient, contact A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical at (503) 694-3396.