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Can I Fix A Frozen Heat Pump Myself?

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Imagine getting cozy under your blanket watching your favorite show, then all of a sudden, you notice your home's heating is not working. You go to check out your heat pump, and then you realize it has frozen! While you may be tempted to chip away at the ice and get that heat pump working again, here is why you should avoid fixing that heat pump on your own!

What Can Cause A Frozen Heat Pump

Heat pumps can often freeze due to various reasons, each with its solution. If your heat pump's refrigerant is low or has a faulty motor, you can notice that your heating system will quickly freeze. Even dirty air filters or general failure to maintain upkeep can lead to dirt clogging up the system and creating a perfect opportunity for your heat pump to freeze.

The Problem With DIY

There is no issue with taking small preventative care steps, but we often notice that some homeowners can exacerbate their heart pump issues by taking the system apart. If your heat pump freezes due to refrigerant issues or coils being damaged, the last thing you want to do is meddle with your system's components. If you are unsure what you are opening up, touching, or even attempting to remove, coils will lead to more damage. Please, and we should not have to say this, do not try to chip away at frost with sharp objects! You can potentially puncture and damage your heat pump's valves and components.

Many homeowners may not be aware of how to power off their system fully which can lead to potential hazards that will not only damage your heat pump but can be an electrical nightmare! While cleaning up your system can help, if your heat pump has faulty components, your system will continue to freeze over without a certified technician. A haphazard DIY project will only cost you more money in future repairs and potentially create electrical hazards that can put your family in danger.

What Can You Do?

The best course of action to handle frozen heat pumps is to take preventative care. Make sure to regularly clean your air filters and your heat pump to avoid an excess build-up of dirt and dust that can clog up your system. Also, you can try running your heat pump's defrost cycle to help combat frost. If these issues do not seem to solve your frozen heat pump, then give us a call at (503) 694-3396. At A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical our technicians are happy to help you and, with years of experience, will make sure your heat pump gets back into working condition!