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The Dangers of DIY Electrical Repair


We all want to find ways to save a quick buck because who does not like having a little extra money for themselves? While DIY repairs can help cut down on costs occasionally, the one aspect of your home you should avoid DIY fixes is your electrical repairs. Whatever you think you might save on DIY electrical repairs will not outweigh the significant risks that can put lives in danger. Here are the reasons why DIY electrical maintenance will do more harm than good.

Electrical Fires

The biggest issue with DIY electrical repairs is creating numerous electrical hazards that can potentially create an electrical fire. Often when homeowners take on DIY electrical repairs, they do not correctly secure wiring or fixtures, creating hazardous conditions that only worsen with time.

We see more common electrical hazards with DIY repairs can range from improperly rated light fixtures and bulbs, leading to broken bulbs, and improperly installed outlets that do not have adequately grounded wires. DIY electrical repairs can look fine for one second, but improperly wired fixtures will degrade quickly over time, creating sparks that can cause a nasty fire.

Electric Shocks

Have you ever grabbed a door handle after walking across the carpet? The little shock can make you jolt and sting. Now imagine that little shock was amplified by a thousand and could potentially be fatal. The danger of DIY electrical repair is not knowing how to ground components or handle live wires properly. One wrong move mishandling an outlet, and you can be looking at a pretty painful shock. Avoid potentially sending yourself to the hospital, paying thousands, for attempting to save a few hundred dollars, and avoid DIY electrical repair.

Spending More

The issue with a DIY repair is that often small mistakes can lead to costly repairs in the future. Most DIY electrical repairs are not up to code, which, if discovered by city officials, you will be paying a lot more in fines and repairs to solve the preventable issue. Not only can code violations be expensive, but you can also factor in having appliances that break. Improperly wired or connected electrical devices can break, and you will be looking at replacing them often.

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