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7 Social Distancing Activities to Do This Summer

Family camping in a tent.

2020 hasn’t gone the way many could have prepared for, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t have fun and memorable experiences this summer! Residents of Portland have gotten creative in the ways they visit loved ones or get outside while adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s social distancing guidelines. Our team has gathered some fun events and ways to enjoy this summer while staying safe.

Get Back on the (Farmer’s) Market

All five of the Portland Farmer’s Markets are open with new social distancing guidelines created to ensure the safety or your family and the vendors. If you’re hesitant to attend a market in person, check out this webpage to set up deliveries or pickups of the fresh local food you can get from the market.

Take a Hike

There are 256 state parks in Oregon and many are beginning to reopen in some aspects. While you’ll want to make sure you check the Oregon State Parks website to see the park statuses before you go, taking a day to go hike and explore nature is a great way to get out of your house and keep your distance from others.

Rough It—In Your Own Backyard!

If you’re caring for someone who is immunocompromised or if you’re immunocompromised yourself, staying in may still be the safest option. Instead of traveling to a state park to experience nature, break out the ol’ canvas and have an evening of backyard camping! Share s’mores and ghost stories around the fire for a great night ‘away from home.’

Host a Family Game Night

Another way to create a fun change of pace without having to leave your home is to create a family game night! Choose a day of the week and designate that evening for a family-friendly charcuterie board and a new board game. Some friendly competition and an informal dinner is a great way to bring families of all ages together every week.

Go Old School at the Drive-In

When you’ve burned through all your options on Netflix and Hulu, why not take the family out for an evening at the movies? Social distancing style of course. Sunshine Mill is offering Drive-Up Movie nights on Thursdays - Saturdays throughout the month of June. You can get wine to take home or have pizza delivered to your car as you watch. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance—each showing is only reserved for 21 cars at a time.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Whether you’re packing a picnic as part of a long day spent in the great outdoors, or if you just want to get in the sunshine for a few hours, packing a meal to enjoy outside is a great way to get a change of scenery. Check out these delicious picnic food ideas and remember--take your trash with you and leave it better than you found it!