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How to Prepare Your Home for Fall


We have two seasons here in Oregon-- summer and sog. Here are three easy ways to prepare your home for what will no doubt be another wet winter ahead.

Schedule a Fall Tune-Up for Your HVAC System

Schedule an appointment with a reputable HVAC technician to conduct some preventative maintenance, ensuring maximum comfort during the months of cooler temperatures and relentless rainfall. Maintaining a well-functioning HVAC system is crucial for these reasons:

  • Maintenance keeps all the moving parts, well, moving. Your HVAC system is a complicated appliance consisting of an air exchanger, motor, fans, and other components. It takes a skilled technician to give each of these parts a thorough inspection to ensure they’re working properly.

  • A technician will make certain that your system is operating safely. Along with the tune-up, the tech can inspect the heat exchanger for cracks that can leak carbon monoxide, test the system for gas leaks and check that the exhaust vents properly.

  • A maintained system is an efficient system. The less your HVAC unit has to work to regulate the temperature, the more money you save on your energy bill.

  • Routine maintenance helps validate your current or extended warranty, covering the cost of any repairs you may need.

Replace Your Filters

Another vital component of preparing your home for fall is replacing your HVAC filter. Your filter has a big role to play in the performance of your HVAC system and the quality of your air.

The filter’s job is to prevent dust and debris from circulating through the system. As the filter accumulates more dirt, the blower has to work harder to push air through it. This taxes your system, resulting in higher heating costs. We recommend replacing your filter once every three months.

Seal Any Drafts

Here’s a tip: Light a candle and hold it up to your exterior doors and windows. If the flame is flickering, you have a draft. This an easy DIY job: Simply seal drafts with caulking or weatherstripping to keep warm air inside where it belongs.

Clean up Around the Condensing Unit

Your condensing unit outside needs a certain amount of breathing room. Clear out leaves and other debris around the appliance and trim back any shrubs that are threatening to suffocate it.

Bottom line: Count on it being cold and rainy. Portland is no stranger to snow, either. Call A-Temp Heating, Cooling & Electrical at to ensure your heating system gets you through the winter without any problems.