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Beware of These Air Quality Scams!

Man checking air vent.

At A-TEMP Heating & Cooling, we often hear horror stories from customers who've been duped by unscrupulous HVAC specialists. Scams that revolve around improving air quality are all too common. Be on the watch for the following rip-offs currently making the rounds.

Mold Tests

Every homeowner worries about mold contaminating their living spaces. As such, it's easy for disreputable HVAC technicians to play on those fears and recommend expensive mold treatments based on dubious test results. The reality is that there's no universally recognized threshold level for mold in ducts that suggest the need for remediation measures. If an HVAC company tries to sell you on expensive mold cures, get a second opinion before taking action.

VOC Filters

Volatile organic compounds can pose a threat to human health in high concentrations. Some heating and cooling companies will claim that the installation of expensive adsorption filters will virtually eliminate VOCs from interior air. In truth, adsorption filters aren't a magic bullet that will trap every kind of VOC that may be present in your home. You'll need the right kind of filters for your specific situation to deal with VOCs effectively.

Air Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners continue to believe that regular cleaning of their HVAC ducts will dramatically improve indoor air quality. The fact of the matter is that HVAC filters are largely responsible for keeping the air clean inside your dwelling. For the most part, cleaning ducts will simply make your heating and cooling system more efficient. What's more, you don't need to have ducts cleaned more than once a year to yield positive results.

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