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Importance of Proper Attic Insulation and Evaluation

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Did you know that proper attic insulation can save up to 50% of your energy bill? This is why it is important to have your attic properly evaluated and insulated by professionals.

Choices for Attic Insulation

There are various types of materials you can choose for attic insulation. Three of the well-known options for modernized insulated attics are batts (cotton, mineral wool or fiberglass), roll insulation and blown-in insulation. Once properly applied, any of these types can lessen the heat and wasted energy in your home effectively. Choosing the best type of insulation for your attic requires expert evaluation to know which is compatible to your home’s construction and location.

Why is Professional Attic Insulation and Evaluation Important?

Expert Evaluation of Your Current Attic Condition

Does your attic show signs of rotting and warping? Does it feel wet? Before insulating the attic, you need to let the experts evaluate its current condition. There might be evident signs of wearing and moisture issues that should be addressed immediately before insulating the attic.

Attic evaluation also includes the size of your home’s rafters. Undersized rafters may need strengthening procedures before insulation. A fully evaluated attic prevents the risk of failure, moisture problems and even potential fire hazards.

Proper Space/Air Sealing

Ensuring that your space is properly sealed is very important. Proper air sealing in the attic means removing the cracks, gaps and any holes that may allow exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Take note that air sealing also requires a particular amount of ventilation. A professional can help you determine your desired temperature at home while sealing your space correctly.

Appropriate Insulation Solution

After your attic is sealed, it is time to choose the type of insulation you want. Each of those insulation types requires a different amount of space for complete efficiency. Your options may be limited depending on the present condition of your attic. But with expert’s advice and guidance, you can surely get the best solution for your attic.

Installing proper attic insulation is a worthwhile investment especially if you are after extra savings on your comfort and energy bill. Consider asking the help of professionals to insulate your attic for best results.

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