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6 Causes of Temperature Imbalance in the Home

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Are you wondering why some parts of the house are cooler than the other rooms? What you are experiencing is temperature imbalance. And, there are several factors and reasons why it happens in your place. Check this out!

Common Causes of Temperature Imbalance

  1. Too Big/Too Small HVAC System

What happens if you installed the wrong size of system at home? An improperly sized system is one of the common causes of temperature imbalance in most households. It greatly affects the airflow, temperature distribution and the system as a whole. Take note, your system and ductwork should be neither too big nor too small. Call your HVAC technician to help you get the HVAC size that is just right for your home and load requirements.

  1. Poor Insulation

Particularly in older homes, poor insulation severely influences temperature balance throughout the house. Your wall, ceiling, attic, and roof play important roles in keeping up the desired temperature in your space. If these parts are poorly insulated, expect to feel discomfort and higher energy bills. Improve your home’s insulation with a trusted HVAC technician today.

  1. Old-school Thermostat

Thermostats regulate your home’s temperature. But, if you are still using a conventional type, you will not get the most of what it can offer. Especially for large houses with several rooms, old thermostats cannot evenly distribute the temperature throughout, making other rooms a bit uncomfortable. Switch to a programmable thermostat and ask your technician to install it for you.

  1. Leaky Ductwork

Even the smallest leaks can reduce airflow quality. In fact, you can lose about 30% of airflow if you do not seal the leaks immediately. Make sure to seal any cracks or loose joints at home to keep cool air inside. If you see any signs of leaky ducts, contact your technician quickly for solutions.

  1. Weak Ventilation

Adding better ventilation can help balance the temperature of the entire house. You can opt for smart vent systems that control vent registers for specific rooms. Smart vents work like zoning systems that effectively distribute temperature at the same level to all areas of the house. Grab your phone now and ask your HVAC contractor about it.

  1. Home Layout

Do not throw all the blame on your HVAC system when you are experiencing temperature imbalance. Sometimes, the problem lies on your home’s layout. Multi-level homes using a single thermostat may experience improper cooling because of the leveling. Say for instance, rooms facing east may warm easily than other areas. Consult your technician for some home remodeling or improvement projects now.

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