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HVAC Tips - Electrical Safety Checklist for Your Home


Because most of your heating and cooling equipment depend on electricity to work, it’s vital that you keep your home and HVAC system from electrical hazards. Dealing with electrical appliances needs cautious steps to minimize the possibility of electrocution or shock.

Electrical Safety Tips

Keep your family safe from the risk of injuries, fires, and even death with these electrical safety tips from A-TEMP.

  1. Schedule an Expert HVAC Maintenance

Have you had your heating and cooling system inspected? A regular HVAC maintenance keeps your system working proficiently and safely throughout the year. With a professional system inspection and tune-up, you can prevent all possibilities of unexpected breakdown and malfunction.

Our electrical specialists at A-TEMP perform a comprehensive inspection of your heating and cooling components including the following:

  • Electrical wirings
  • Burnt, pitted contactors
  • Exposed wirings
  • Test capacitors, blower, and fan motor
  1. Educate Your Children About HVAC and Electrical Safety

Discuss with the young ones at home on how to properly behave and act around your HVAC and electrical equipment. Avoid HVAC and electrical dangers on children with these tips.

  • Do a basic inspection of switches, plugs, electrical cords and outlets. Check for exposed or burnt wires. Report any problem to your electrician immediately.
  • Remove extension cords or wires in high traffic areas like carpets and doorways.
  • Install tamper-proof receptacle (TRRs) on outlets. Remind your kids not to go near any outlets or electrical plugs in any situations.
  • Put cords and electrical devices/equipment out of reach of children. Tuck all cords neatly so they won’t mess up with your kids.
  • Avoid overloading of outlets.
  1. Make and Exercise an Emergency Escape or Exit Plan

Accidents often happen when least expected which is why you need to make an emergency escape plan in the family. When a fire occurs, everyone in the family will easily know how to act and where to go. Follow these tips for creating your emergency evacuation idea.

  • Plan an escape route by drawing a map of the house consisting of the windows, doors and all exits.
  • Create 2 escape routes (if possible).
  • Practice the emergency escape plan in multiple ways with everyone in the family.
  • Quickly call the fire station in case of fire.

We want your family safe from any danger caused by your HVAC or electrical equipment. The best way to ensure safety from danger is to schedule a regular heating, cooling and electrical inspection and maintenance with the experts. Call us at A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical for a danger-free home today!