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5 Common Home Lighting Mistakes

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It might sound easy but installing some lighting fixtures in your home is not a simple task. It is not simply screwing a couple of bulbs and illuminating a dark area. If you want to bring life and color to your home through your lighting, you have to be aware of the few mistakes committed by most homeowners.

Common Interior Lighting Mistakes

  1. Inadequate lighting in small spaces

Closets, pantries, and larders are small places at home that are often left off in a home’s lighting plan. Most people do not give attention to these areas until they struggle to find a thing in there. Neglecting to install lighting in these areas of the house is a common mistake that you should not do.

You may ask your trusted electrician to put LED tape lights or under cabinet lights for convenience when navigating these places. Installing extra lighting can make them look stylish and clean.

  1. Using a single light source

You want to make sure that the lights installed can reach all the areas of the room. But with a single source of light, it is nearly impossible. When there’s only one light source, you will leave some areas in the dark. To create an effective room illumination, you have to work on the three layers of lighting design. Check with your electrician on how you can incorporate it properly in your home.

  1. Installing an improper light fixture for a specific place

Everything in the house looks perfect; from the design, color combination and furniture placement. Then, you thought of adding a light fixture somewhere. If you got the right one then it is definitely okay but, when you choose the wrong one, it can easily destroy the entire look of your home. Therefore, be careful about choosing any lighting stuff. Consider the color, size, design, and style that should fit your home’s overall theme.

  1. Wrong placement of lighting fixtures

Choosing the right lighting stuff is as important as placing them in a room effectively and correctly. You should look for the best style for every part of the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and your bedroom. If the lights are wrongly positioned no matter how beautiful they are, they will not serve their purpose.

  1. Not using dimmers

If you are using incandescent lamps at home, it should come with a dimmer. Ignoring to install dimmers may result in warmer indoor temperature and high electric bills. Consult your electrician to add dimmers for your home’s lighting. For greater savings on energy, you can use LED lights instead.

Do you think your lighting issue lies elsewhere? Contact our expert electricians at A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical and tell us about your lighting problems today!