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Get Through the Next Power Outage Like a Pro

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Water jugs, lanterns, flashlights, batteries, and other blackout supplies.

Power outages are unpredictable. One moment you’re binge-watching the latest Netflix series, the next moment...lights out.

It’s annoying. It’s inconvenient. But it’s not the end of the world (we hope). Follow these tips to ensure your family remains safe during the next blackout.

Keep Your Phone Charged

The only thing worse than a power outage is a dead phone. Fortunately, you can keep your mobile device powered up even when the grid goes down.

A good portable charger will set you back about $60 and it will more than pay for itself during next outage, camping trips and anywhere else you need to juice up your phone.

Even without a portable charger, you have options. Provided your laptop has some life left in it, you can plug your phone into its USB port. You can also power it up in your car. Turn on the radio and get local news updates while you’re waiting for the battery icon to turn green.

Go to the Mall

Blackouts can occur during periods of extreme heat, so head to the nearest mall until power is restored. Indoor shopping centers tend to be designated cooling zones during these types of emergencies.

If that’s not an option, try to stay cool in your home. Since cool air sinks, chill out in the basement and wear light clothes.

Turn Your Washing Machine into a Cooler

To prevent your food from spoiling, fill your washing machine with ice and place any items that need to stay cool inside of it. The appliance will drain out water as the ice melts. Refill as needed.

Similarly, if an outage occurs during winter, you can keep your perishables outside if the weather is cold enough.

Make Light

If you don’t have flashlights at the ready -- and you really should -- you may need to come up with makeshift lighting solutions. Place candles by mirrors to reflect more light throughout the house.

If you have a working flashlight, you can create ambiance by pointing the light at a jug of water to create a lantern effect.

MacGyver Some Batteries

You can make AAA batteries fit your electronics that require AA batteries. Simply place a ball of foil between the negative end of the AAA battery and the prong to power up your radio and other gadgets.

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