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How to Slash Your Heating Bill With a Smart Thermostat

Energy statement and a calculator.

According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, investing in a smart thermostat and using it properly can save the average homeowner as much as $180 annually. This is understandably savings that you want to benefit from. Learning how a smart thermostat reduces home heating costs can help you to maximize the savings available.

Remote Access to Temperature Settings

While many homes have a programmable thermostat that enables you to schedule temperature adjustments throughout the day, a smart thermostat is a connected device. You can monitor and control settings remotely from your smartphone or from other connected devices. You may also have voice control over your system through Alexa, Google Home, and other similar technologies.

The Ability to Learn Your Usage Patterns

Connectivity provides you with improved access to your thermostat so that you can easily make temperature adjustments regardless of where you are physically located. Smart thermostats have built-in AI technology as well. They actually learn your behaviors and can make thoughtful adjustments on your behalf. They may also make recommendations for optimized schedule settings.

Greater Control Over Heating Zones

If you have a larger home that has multiple heating zones, you may find yourself struggling to find a happy middle ground with the temperature setting. Smart devices enable you to manage heating zones throughout your home easily. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust thermostat settings based on which area of the home you are spending time in.

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