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How to Transform Your Home Into a “Green House”

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When most people think about going green, they tend to think about driving less or buying more fuel-efficient vehicles. These are great steps to take if you're looking to cut down on your environmental footprint. However, they are far from the only steps you can take. You can also make your house greener.


Add Some Houseplants

It might not seem like adding a few plants would make much of a difference, but it actually can. Plants take in carbon dioxide, and they release oxygen. Having a few plants in your home can increase the amount of life-giving oxygen in your home, and this can help you breathe a little better. Plants also tend to regulate the humidity in your home while also removing toxins from the air. All that you'll need to do to keep up with your plants is give them a little water. They'll give you much more in return.


Change Cleaners

Many popular cleaners have some pretty nasty chemicals in them. These can get into your drain and water supply. Additionally, they can leave chemical residue all over the surfaces in your home, and these can cause health problems. Using cleaners that are more environmentally friendly and nontoxic is better for your family and the environment. Baking soda and vinegar do an excellent job of cleaning.


Change Your Filters

Your air filters are essential to the efficient use of your HVAC system. Clean filters allow the air to move freely through your system. However, this is not the only reason to change your filters. Clean filters are also able to catch dust and other particles that circulate through your house. Clogged filters will not clean the air as well. Cleaner air is better for your breathing, and a clear filter can keep mold and germs from circulating throughout your house.

A green house is good for the environment. It can also be of considerable benefit to your health. With better air quality, your lungs will be healthier. With fewer chemicals, you're likely to have fewer health problems. These are just a few tips that can help you improve your home for a relatively low cost.

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