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Your HVAC System’s Holiday Gift List

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The holiday season is a time for giving. A time for giving back to your community through charitable donations and volunteer work. A time for giving gifts to those who are close to you in your life. A time for giving of yourself in order to make the world a little better for everyone else. In the spirit of the holidays, many people make wish lists so those in their lives have an idea of what to get for them that they’ll love. However, what if we told you something in your life deserves some love this holiday season, but simply can’t make a list to tell you what it wants? We’re talking about your heating and cooling system, and it’d probably do your home some good to give it a gift or two this season as well.

Here is a short list of what your HVAC system would have on its holiday wish list (if it could make one).

A New Air Filter

Does your mother always seem to give you socks and underwear for Christmas? Even as an adult, the reason for such a routine and seemingly unflattering gift is simple: you need them. And Mom is probably spot-on: your drawer may be full of socks with holes and underwear that has run its course of the past year. For your HVAC system, a new air filter is not all that unlike new underwear—it’s incredibly important for your day to day life, and you absolutely need it.

What surprises a lot of people is just how much your HVAC system depends on this air filter. The overwhelming majority of HVAC system problems can be attributed, at least indirectly, to a dirty air filter. This leads to weak airflow, dirty coils, frozen air conditioners, inefficient heaters, broken blower fans, and even poor air quality that causes allergy symptoms and unpleasant quality of life. Making this simple and necessary change will help boost air quality, improve HVAC system efficiency, and make your home feel more comfortable. And it costs just a few dollars!

A Smart Thermostat

Everyone loves getting a new gadget to play with. Whether it’s a new smartphone, some sort of new technology for our home, or even a new video game system that provides us with entertainment. One of the most popular gadgets to get for the holidays is something that makes our lives easier by automating some of the more mundane and routine tasks that we have to deal with, and that’s one of the things a smart thermostat can do.

However, a smart thermostat is great for your HVAC system too. In fact, your HVAC system will love it simply because these units change how they operate to encourage maximum efficiency and peak performance. HVAC systems don’t like to run endlessly for hours at a time, nor do they like to short-cycle and turn on and off periodically. A smart thermostat makes changes to your system’s operating procedures in order to keep your home at a more even and consistent temperature while also running less often and using less energy. That means more comfort for you and less work for that blower fan that’s probably getting tired as it grows older.

A Tune-Up Service

Have you ever felt the need to recharge? When the grind of your day-to-day life gets too overwhelming, many people try to relax by having a day out at the spa. Whether it’s a nice long soak in a hot bath, a relaxing massage to work out the kinks in your back, or something more exotic like a mud bath or a session in a blistering sauna, the goal is to leave the spa feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to handle the grind of life again.

A tune-up service is not at all unlike a spa treatment for your HVAC system. With this service, our team member goes through your system and takes care of many of the maintenance and upkeep tasks that your system needs to be at its best. We don’t give it a massage, but many of these small tasks and checks have an effect that’s not a lot different from what a massage does for you. When we’re done, your HVAC system will be refreshed and ready to tackle the grind that is keeping your home comfortable for hour after hour, day after day throughout the year.

Happy holidays from our family to yours! If you’re interested in getting your HVAC system the perfect gift, call A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical at (503) 694-3396 today to schedule an appointment.