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10 Tips to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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Who’s ready to put another soggy Oregon winter behind us and embrace spring? To celebrate this season of renewal, we put together ten tips to help you refresh your home as the flowers bloom once more.

1. Make a List

Walk through your home with a notebook. Look over each room, starting with the ceiling and going down to the floor. Ask yourself:

  • What can be discarded or organized?

  • Which pieces of furniture need cleaning?

  • What surfaces haven't been scrubbed in ages?

Once you have a full list, divide and conquer. Give each person in your family an assignment and check off tasks as they complete them. The work will go faster, plus it’s a good family bonding experience!

2. Cut Down on Clutter

Your closets, chests, drawers, and cabinets may be full of unwanted objects.

Gather all of these materials in the garage or the basement. That way, everyone can look through them to see what’s worth saving. Then you can drive whatever is left to a donation center.

In the end, having less clutter around the house is revitalizing. It makes it easier to find things, reduces stress, and eliminates surfaces that could gather more dust.

3. Throw Open Those Windows

As soon as spring weather arrives, open your windows wide, and keep them open for hours. Inhale that fresh air! The outdoor air will replace stale air in your home and help refresh your home.

You can also turn on fans to help improve airflow.

4. Put Away Winter Bedding

For months, you've been slumbering with heavy sheets, blankets, and linens. Well, they can now go into drawers or up to the attic.

When your bed is bare, vacuum your mattress using a special upholstery nozzle and wash it with an enzyme cleaning product to break down stains and odors. Then, add your new lighter sheets and bedding and relax!

5. Buy Indoor Plants

After being cooped up inside for months, your indoor air quality can use all the help it can get. Plants are nature’s air purifiers, helping remove toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and other things you don’t want to breathe in.

Species such as the ficus, snake plant, and peace lily are decorative and easy to care for.

6. Schedule a Tune-up for Your AC

Your HVAC system needs a professional tune-up before switching gears from heating to cooling mode. Be confident that your AC will get you through the warmer months ahead by having a technician give it a thorough check-up.

During a spring maintenance visit, an HVAC pro will test the cooling components, tighten loose connections, and lubricate moving parts, among other tasks to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency.

7. Change Air Filters

Your handy air filter captures dust and other particles to keep them from clogging the system. But, when the filter itself gets clogged, it can lead to poor performance and even damaged HVAC parts.

To avoid these issues, change your HVAC filter at the start of spring, then once every one to three months.

8. Seal Holes and Cracks

One fine day, walk around your home's exterior and study it carefully. Look for cracks, holes, and other openings, especially on or around your foundation, doors, and windows.

These gaps can cause conditioned air to seep out, which increases your utility expenses. They can also let in rodents, insects, and other potentially harmful pests.

You can seal these openings with wire mesh, caulking, steel wool, or similar substances.

9. Blast Away Grime

If you've never power washed your driveway, walkways, patio, and other outdoor features, you might be amazed at the results. These machines can blast away stains, fungi, and grime that may be extremely hard to remove otherwise.

They can make your home's exterior sparkle and shine, improving curb appeal significantly.

You can rent a power washer or hire a pro. If you do the job yourself, be very cautious. Too much pressure can damage certain materials, so be sure to look up which areas can handle the powerful stream.

10. Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

Here's an important tip. Every spring—and preferably every fall as well—replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. Go ahead and change your carbon monoxide detectors' batteries while you’re at it.

Moreover, about once a month, check those alarms by holding down their buttons. That way, you'll know they're still functioning and keeping your family safe.

Bottom line: Preparing your home for spring doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can accomplish all these tasks over the course of a weekend while depending on A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical to give your HVAC a thorough maintenance inspection. Call (503) 694-3396 to schedule an appointment today!