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7 Amazing Ways to Warm Your Home This Fall

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Want to keep yourself comfortable this fall at minimum energy costs? Discover these seven (7) incredible ways to stay warm these cold months without crippling your bank account.

Cost-Effective Ways to Stay Warm This Fall

  1. Stop Air Leakage

First things first: block the cold wind from entering your home. These cold months, the outdoor temperature in Portland, OR can drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep your home warm and cozy, make sure to seal windows and doors. This way, you are preventing air leaks from cracks or any open space. Hang a two-curtain system over your windows to block the drafts while allowing sunlight to enter the house.

  1. Upgrade Your Home Insulation

For older homes, adding insulation of is one the most important steps to increase comfort while reducing energy costs. The attic, walls, and ceilings are three areas where insulation has the biggest impact. See to it that your house is adequately insulated using the right materials.

  1. Light up the Candles

Having candles at home is a smart idea especially for homeowners who are after getting huge savings on utility bills. Lighting up a few candles can make a big difference in your indoor comfort. Not only that they provide heat and light, but they also add beauty to your home.

  1. Close All Unused Rooms

Why should you close all vacant rooms in the house? It’s because they stop the air from circulating properly while consuming a significant amount of heat in the process. You can use magnetic register covers to obstruct the air from getting in the room. Just make sure that they are correctly installed in the registers.

  1. Put Down Rugs or Carpet on Tile/Hardwood Floors

Keep the warm air inside your home by using carpets or rugs. They reduce the possibility of heat loss through your floor. Overall, they provide a warmer surface to step on every single day.

  1. Take Advantage of the Oven’s Heat

Cooking is another way to keep you warm this fall. After baking your favorite cookies or any foodstuff in the oven, leave it on and open for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the heat to flow in the house. Limit yourself from cooking any food that produces steam as it increases moisture in the air.

  1. Turn On the Lights

Fall is the time to turn on those incandescent light bulbs. They release about 90% of heat which make them an efficient heat source. We recommend keeping them on during nighttime.

Beat your heating bills this cold season with these low-cost and natural ways to heat your home. For more tips from the leading HVAC company in Portland, OR, contact our experts at A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical.