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Helpful Hints for Summertime Savings

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Summer is here, and many homeowners are wondering how they can best save money and energy during heatwaves. A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical is sharing some of our hot tips for saving this summer.

3 Unconventional Ways to Save Energy this Summer

You’ve scheduled maintenance and replaced your air filter — but what else can you do to reduce the energy used at home?

Break Out the Grill

May is National Barbeque Month, and July is National Grilling Month, so it’s no wonder that cooking outside is our first tip of the season! Not only is grilling outdoors a fun summertime tradition, but it can also save you money!

When you cook outdoors, you’re not relying on gas or electricity to power your oven or stove. Plus, grilling outside prevents heat produced while cooking from warming your home during the already hot summer months.

Invest in Plug-In Wall Switch Timers

Programming your thermostat to fit your schedule saves money — why not do the same for your lights and other appliances? Smart plugs and outlet timers work as a kind of middleman for your electronics. Simply set the times you want lights to turn on and off and let the timer do the work for you! With smart plugs, you can connect your phone with Bluetooth to turn appliances off and on.

This solution works great for decorative outdoor lighting — and it’s cost-effective as well. Reliable timer switches run anywhere from $5 to $15!

Eat More Uncooked Food

No, we aren’t suggesting that you eat your food raw. Summer is all about the heat, so there’s no better way to reduce the energy used at home than by not using your stove and oven to prepare meals! Save the savory foods for fall and switch to refreshing salads, flavorful fruit kebabs, scrumptious spring rolls, and charming charcuterie boards to make meal prep fun and efficient!