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Protect Your New Laptop with Surge Protection

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Getting a new laptop is unf, from finding out how much better the battery life is than your older laptop to seeing how better the screen resolution is on the newer model. Why not keep your computer around for a long time and invest in surge protection to avoid dealing with a dead laptop too early. Here is how you can save your computer and why you might consider this relatively cheap method to protect your electronics!

Protecting Your Electronics

Surge protectors can help take excess electricity in the event of a power surge to help avoid your electronics from biting the dust. Often electrical surges can be caused by tripped circuit breakers or even the occasional power outage; either way, you do not want your electronics to be the victim of a power surge. Power surges can happen in a matter of seconds, so the best course of action you can take is preventative care.

When shopping for a surge protector, you do your research to purchase an item with proper ratings. We have seen homeowners buy regular power strips thinking they are offering surge protection when they do not. Please make sure the surge protector you purchase does what it advertises. You do not want to have a false sense of security.

Do Laptops Need Surge Protection?

So the elephant in the room might be the question of whether your laptop needs surge protection. Yes, we can safely say that most battery and power bricks that come with modern laptops offer some form of surge protection, which might not be enough for more severe surges. When investing in surge protection, you are thinking of the long term and preparing for the worst.

Ideally, you do not want to deal with natural events like a thunderstorm that can cause power surges, but you cannot always plan around mother nature. So getting surge protection ahead of time can help offer you more security in the event your outlets suddenly face a surge. Instead of shelling out for a brand new laptop, spending around a hundred dollars on protecting your laptop is much cheaper.

At A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical we know how pricey electronics can be, so call (503) 694-3396, and we can make sure your home’s outlets are protected so that your electronics don’t get damaged!