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Best Cooling Options for Your Sunroom


In the Portland Metro Area, one of the most common ways to enjoy the sun and the comfort of the indoors is by adding a sunroom. It is a perfect option for most homeowners especially this summer. However, with the temperature quickly rising, it is important to keep the sunroom cool and comfortable.

Tips for Maintaining a Cool Sunroom During Summer

Wondering how you can maintain a cool sunroom for the months ahead? Here are the best cooling options you can try.

  • Extend Your A/C’s Vents to Your Sunroom

When you expand those vents into your sunroom, you are investing to twin-fold comfort at home. You can use the air conditioner to ensure that your space stays cool throughout the summer months. With this, you have to make sure that your A/C can keep up with the task of cooling the extra space in your home.

  • Buy Portable Fans

Keeping a cool sunroom is easy as buying inexpensive portable fans. Doing this is a cost-effective way of meeting your comfort needs while taking some time with sunlight. You can opt for box fans and have it placed on the opposite sides of the room.

  • Put In Blinds

Another cheap way to resist heat in your sunroom is by adding blinds to your windows. However, take note the blinds block the sunlight and disregard the true purpose of the room. With this, it is best to leave the blinds open 3 to 4 hours after sunrise and close them by mid-afternoon.

  • Install Insulated Windows

The task of insulated windows is to drive hot air out of your space and allow cool air to enter. There is a wide range of choices for insulated windows that fit your preferences regarding design and style. Some homeowners opt for tinted windows to intensify your defense against the rising temperature.

  • Add an Independent Cooling System

For best comfort, you can install a separate air conditioner in your sunroom. A mini-split unit would be a wise choice because it has both cooling and heating features. In this way, you can maximize the comfort in the room both in the summer and winter.

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