Four Things Only Smart Thermostats Can Do

Without a thermostat, your HVAC system might as well be useless. Thermostats are small devices that are tasked with turning your HVAC system on and off at the appropriate time. In fact, modern thermostats don’t even have a switch or button other than the ones located on thermostats, making them your lone source of control over your heating and cooling. While thermostats remained largely the same for years, today’s smart thermostats add a number of new features and capabilities that older thermostats could have never hoped to achieve.

Here are four things that only smart thermostats can do, as well as why these added capabilities and features are so important to your modern, day-to-day life.

Give You Easy Control Access from Anywhere

The widespread adoption of the smartphone has completely changed the way we access information and perform simple day-to-day tasks. Today’s smart thermostats have capitalized on the smartphone revolution by allowing you to take control of your HVAC system from anywhere. Whether you’re at the office, out shopping, simply away from the thermostat elsewhere in your home, or on vacation halfway around the world, you can control your HVAC system thanks to Wi-Fi integration found in most smart thermostats.

No more worrying about forgetting to shut off the air before you leave for work or wishing you could turn the heat on ahead of time so you arrive back to a comfortable home—smart thermostats allow you to do all of this with the swipe of your finger or tap of a button. You’ll never have to get up from your seat again in order to make your home more comfortable.

Provide a Full Energy Readout

Many modern smart thermostats are particularly energy-sensitive and keep a careful record of how much energy you are using to heat or cool your home. As they gather this data, they place it into an easily-readable format that can usually be accessed online or through your smartphone. Are you using way too much energy on a particular day? Are there any patterns to your energy consumption based on things like time of year or weather? This system can help you better understand how you run your HVAC system, where you can make improvements, and what you can do to cut back on energy consumption and save money. Some of these systems can even predict your energy bill and tell you exactly how much you’ll pay based on a change to your temperature or operating conditions.

Tell You When Something Is Wrong

Modern smart thermostats can tell you when something is wrong with your heating and cooling system. Isn’t that incredible? The sophisticated sensors in these systems along with their advanced behavioral algorithms can pick up on subtle changes to how your HVAC system is working in order to tell you that something might be wrong. This allows you to have the problem properly addressed as soon as possible, and that could save you hundreds by avoiding the need for a costly, unexpected emergency repair.

Some of these thermostats can even be set up to automatically call for help whenever something major happens. By programming in the contact information of a participating HVAC system contractor, your thermostat can send diagnostic information directly to your technicians, allowing them to see what’s wrong and prepare for your fix right away. This allows them to call you, set up your appointment, and get you the fix you need as fast as possible.

Some smart thermostats can also send you reminder notifications to check and change your air filter. Changing your air filter is an important maintenance task that most people don’t do nearly often enough, and that leads to wasted energy and poor air quality. These handy reminders can help you breathe easier and save money by changing your filter frequently.

Make Decision & Adjust Themselves

Finally, some thermostats also have the ability to learn from you and eventually make decisions or adjustments themselves. For example, the Nest® thermostat keeps track of a number of different factors, including the outdoor temperature, indoor air temperature, time of day, and the temperature you set your thermostat, just to name a few of the variables. It then processes these variables over the course of a short period of time in order to start “learning” your climate preferences. At this point, it can start making self-adjustment decisions in order to help you save money on your heating and cooling costs while remaining perfectly comfortable. You may never have to touch your thermostat again!

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