Surprising Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Relaxing bath time.

In Clackamas and beyond, residents are increasingly focused on maintaining a safe, healthy environment for themselves and their loved ones. While you may think that you are doing everything reasonably possible to address the problem of indoor air pollution, you may unintentionally be polluting your home's air through some of these surprising sources.



If you light candles in your home regularly, you are not alone. However, everything from formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide to acrolein and other harmful elements may be released when you burn candles. Those scented candles that you love may be even more problematic.

Air Fresheners

While you want your home to smell fresh and pleasant, you should avoid the use of artificial air freshening products. Aerosols are known to release dozens of unhealthy volatile compounds that can irritate your nose, eyes, and more. Many other scented products can also be harmful, some of which include fabric softeners, lotions, dish detergents, and more.


Pets are a common and significant source of indoor air pollution. Those with asthma and other allergies are even more at risk for irritation caused by pet dander. Additionally, pets can track in dirt, pollen, pesticides, and many other particles from the outdoors. And if you don't bathe your pets regularly, this problem will only escalate.


Carpet is soft to the touch, absorbs noises, and is available in a wide range of colors and styles. As appealing as it is, it can release numerous volatile organic compounds in the air. In addition to introducing these pollutants to your home's air, carpeting can hold dust, pet dander, mold spores, and more.


Your home's HVAC system plays a major role in indoor air quality. It must remain clean and well-maintained in order to efficiently filter pollutants from the air. Contact A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical today for the HVAC system maintenance and repair services that your home needs.