3 Common Furnace Repairs That Annual Maintenance May Prevent, Keeping Your Home's Comfort System Running at Optional Efficiency

Annual Preventative maintenance isn’t just a quick check of your home’s comfort system; At A-TEMPHeating & Cooling we provides a 21 Point Precision Tune-up and cleaning for your heating system.

What to Expect During a Maintenance Service

During a routine A-TEMP 21 Point Precision Tune-up and cleaning your heating system is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and adjusted.

Fan Problems

The fan in your home’s comfort system has several components that when left unattended, can fall into disrepair, problems commonly detected and attended by having a routine A-TEMP 21 Point Precision Tune-up and cleaning.


The components in your furnace become dirty. When the burner is covered in a layer of dust and dirt, it may lead to problems, such as uneven heating, an inability for all the burners to light, and excessive wear and tear. Not to mention that unpleasant smell. During A-TEMP’s 21 Point Precision Tune-up, the burner is inspected and cleaned, so that your home’s heating system can function at optimal efficiency.


Many of today’s furnaces light with an electronic ignition. The fuel nozzle in the pilot can become clogged, which can block the gas from flowing. Dirt on the outside of the igniter can act as insulation, and the igniter won’t become hot enough to light the gas. Part of A-TEMP’s 21 Point Precision Tune-up is cleaning these components, which helps prevent issues caused by dirt and grime.

Keeping you safe and comfortable in your home is our Goal at A-TEMP Heating & Cooling. If you have not had your furnace tuned up this year it is not too late to schedule with one of our A-TEAM experts.