Spring Clean-up List Begins with HVAC

Spring is just weeks away but many of us are already experiencing the warm temperature earlier than its normal occurrence. For many, this calls for a fresh start of everything around the house. And when we talk about spring cleaning, your HVAC system should be on top of the list. Here are some important activities you should do to keep your units running in tip top shape all year-round.

Replace air filter.

After continuously using your furnace for the winter season, air filters can get really dirty. It is important to replace or at least clean air filters every three months or more frequently if you have pets at home. Clean air filters is necessary to keep your indoor air free from allergy-causing particles and to maintain proper airflow.

Clean the A/C’s drainage hole.

The drainage hole is located beneath the evaporator fins and it should be clear of blockages when you start to use your air conditioner. As part of your spring cleaning, poke through the drainage hole using a wire or a clip and remove the dirt stuck in it.

Clean the area around the condenser unit.

During the long cold months, fallen leaves, twigs and other debris can get stuck and gather around the condenser unit. Be sure to clear the area to keep the system running efficiently and in full blast when you need it the most.

Remove dirt in the ceiling fans.

You will be using your ceiling fans anytime soon for additional comfort. Clean the dust off your fan so that it will not be distributed to the different parts of the house once you turn it on.

Clean air ducts.

The dirt mixed with the air eventually accumulates in the air ducts. If not removed, it can block airflow and give stress to your units, allowing it to work less efficiently. Schedule a professional air duct cleaning to ensure that even the slightest dirt is cleaned to keep your indoor air healthy and to maintain your unit’s efficiency.

Clear the area around your air conditioning system.

You may have temporarily put some furniture around your air conditioning system last winter or maybe, dust and dirt may have gathered in the area after few months of rest. Before firing it up for the first time, clear away dust and other debris in and around your A/C.

Schedule an HVAC maintenance.

An HVAC tune-up is the best way to prepare your unit for the spring and summer. Contact your trusted HVAC technician and schedule HVAC maintenance as early as today.

Spring planning and cleaning is the best way to prepare you HVAC for the greater demands that come along with the hot season. Buckle up and ready your home for the next heat wave!