Summer Electrical Safety Tips

As the weather gets hotter this summer, take note of electrical hazards that may cause injury or death to your family. No worries! Our team in the greater Portland area has compiled these electrical safety tips just right for this hot season.

Electrical Safety Tips for Staying Safe this Summer

  1. Replace your current and outdated light bulbs with LED or energy-efficient lightings. You may also opt for compact fluorescent bulbs. Not only that they last longer but emit brighter light and use less energy as well. Make a request from your electrician to install LED lighting for a much safer home.
  2. Unplug appliances when not in use. Make sure to unplug all electronics and home appliances such as TV if not used. Also, do not forget to turn off or unplug power strips before leaving home for a summer vacation.
  3. Keep your kid’s electrical toys away from any water source. Maintain a distance of at least 10 feet away to avoid your kids from getting in contact with them.
  4. Check all your electrical connections at home if they are fully grounded. Ask your electrician to conduct a comprehensive inspection throughout the house to ensure your safety.
  5. Educate your kids and everyone in the family about electrical hazards. Boost their awareness regarding the risks of electricity such as electric shock, injury and even death.
  6. Secure your electrical receptacles with outlet covers to prevent kids from tampering with them. Your kids might put their fingers in it or use any sharp materials out of curiosity. So, make sure to cover all outlets before anything bad happens.
  7. Have your A/C checked before the summer rush. Hot weather calls for air conditioning units to keep you cool indoors. Electrical-related injuries and electrocutions accounted for air conditioners every summer increases every year. A professional A/C maintenance can keep the unit working efficiently all year-round especially this summer. Call your technician to inspect your air conditioning unit as early as now.
  8. Replace electrical devices including fuses, receptacles, plugs, and fuses that have been damaged or submerged.
  9. When going to outdoor activities like swimming, never stay or play near any power line to avoid electrocution. Assume that all those power lines that you see are live and risky. If you see anything unusual regarding electrical on the place, report it immediately to the electrician.
  10. Do not ever attempt to go near an electrical substation if you encountered any problem in your power supply. Never try to solve electrical issues by yourself. Consult your electrician to provide solutions for you.

Keep these tips in mind for a safer summer experience. For questions and inquiries regarding your electrical concerns or issues at home, never hesitate to call us at A-TEMP Heating, Cooling & Electrical. We have a highly trained staff to save your day!