Common Electrical Problems

Short-Living Light Bulbs

There are different ways that light bulbs could malfunction. The most common of them being light bulbs that burn out quickly. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t usually caused by the wrong type of wattage or because of an error in wiring. In most cases, the problem can be traced back to a brass tab in the socket. However, if a light bulb is screwed in too tightly, it can press the brass tab down and cause it to stay that way. electrical circuit is cut and the light bulb doesn’t receive any electricity. Replace these as often as needed. Power surge can also be the cause. Based on closeness to power transformers or large commercial areas.

Dead Outlets

Sometimes an outlet will stop working, or just suddenly go dead. There can be a few causes for this. The first is a poor connection. If the entire outlet is dead and you’ve tried resetting the breakers for that outlet, then the problem may be in an opening somewhere in the wiring. If you are having problems fixing this, call in the professionals at A-TEMP Electrical Services to help

“Randomly” Tripping Breakers

Sometimes a circuit breaker will trip off when certain appliances are used. This usually happens with hair dryers and microwaves, or other high-wattage items. This is because the system is protecting itself from the overload of electricity required to run these appliances. Sometimes, the circuit cannot handle that much power, so it trips the breaker to keep any problems from arising. Most high-wattage appliances have a low-wattage setting. If they do, switch to the lower setting to avoid the breakers tripping off when using these appliances.

Wall Switch Problems

If a switch gets warm, then there may be a problem. If the heat is coming from a receptacle, then there’s a problem with a connection at its location and needs to be fixed. If the switch parks, feels loose, humming or flickering that and indication of a mechanical failure or possible loose connection.

These problems can be common in your home, so it’s important to make sure you understand how they can happen, and what can be done to fix them. By understanding the problems above and what causes them, you can prepare better. For help fixing any of your electrical problems, call you trusted A-TEMPElectrical Services.