Have You Been Double Crossed, Conned, or Even Had the "Bait & Switch" Game Played on You?

We’ve all seen ads for deeply discounted air duct cleaning services they come via mail, newspaper even T.V. As it turns out, more often than not they are exactly that — too good to be true. The Better Business Bureau even has a name for them—the “bait and switch” According to the BBB, there are now more than a dozen companies who have been connected with scams like these.

Such companies are diligently seeking out unsuspecting consumer prey, entering their homes through these deeply discounted duct cleaning deals. Once the company is in the door the price just keeps adding up by persuading people into additional “scare tactics” completely unnecessary. Many of these companies bring up potentially harmful threats, such as mold and mildew issues that don’t exist, just to get more money out of the consumer. Those who have contracted these companies have been scammed into paying hundreds and in some cases even thousands of dollars to fix issues that don’t exist.

Here are a few ways that companies appeal to people who want to save money and use the good old “Bait & Switch” idealism.

Deals Are Final: deals are non-refundable, and customers will likely never have the opportunity to contact the seller again. Do your homework ahead of time before buying from a company with this policy.

Limited Information about the Seller: try to hide their true identities. Advertisements and websites may not include contact information about the seller, to avoid any potential lawsuits or backlash.

Confusing Pricing Terms: Seller tries to confuse buyers with misleading quotes or payment terms.

The bait and switch complaints have become so rampant by consumers, in fact, that a report by Inside Edition reporter, Lisa Guerrero highlighted fraudulent practices by a low priced duct cleaning company. The company used scare tactics to makes false claims about mold then presented add on cost to the homeowner which exceeded over $1000 from the initial $49.95 rate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot5mfhrogus

At A-TEMP we take these matters extremely serious and treat our customers with the highest levels of respectA-TEMP HEATING & COOLING, Inc. we are always honest and give straight forward pricing based on how many ducts you have in your home and nothing more. This is all backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.