Chill out This Summer with These Tips:

Plant around your home

A lot of the heat that builds up in your home comes from direct sunlight. A great way to cut back on the amount of sun shining directly into your home is by planting trees and other leafy plants outside. The addition of these trees will help block the direct sunlight that heats up your home. Remember when planting to keep shrubs, plants, debris clear of the outdoor unit (minimum of 2 feet), if not it may restrict adequate airflow.

Keep Your Windows and Doors shut

When the weather starts warming up, we love to open our windows and air out the house. Unfortunately, once the summer heat sets in, these open windows are invitations for the warm, humid air outside. The old habit of putting a fan in your window to help cool off is actually doing more harm than good when you have the central air running. So help keep your home cool by closing those windows, doors and blinds.

Program your thermostat

Many of us have programmable thermostats in our home. The problem many of us face is programming it correctly. Pay attention to the times that your family is up and at home. Those are the times your thermostat should be set a little lower. If you are going to be gone for a while be sure to set the thermostat a bit higher (we recommend 3°). Your cooling equipment is designed to keep your house approximately 20° cooler then the outside temperature.

Example: If it is 100° outside your home should be able to maintain 80°. 65° is not realistic, it’s not going to happen, so don’t turn your thermostat below 75°. If it is not 75° and it is set there turning it down is not going to help.

A few other ideas:

  • Keep your garage door shut
  • Open doors to outside as few times as possible
  • Only use lights/appliances if necessary and keep electronics to a minimal use
  • Run interior ceiling or portable fans
  • Order food in if possible your stove will produce heat. Make a salad, use your BBQ
  • Make a trip to your local mall or movie theater they have air conditioning
  • If you have a basement, use it. It will generally be the coolest part of your home