The 411 on Your Filter

One of the most important things that a homeowner can do to protect their home comfort system in-between regular maintenance’s is to simply change their air filter.

Often times little things like changing your filter can slip through the cracks. This could cause some issues with your home comfort system.

Here’s what can happen, when you have a dirty air filter:

  • Reduction of Air flow this may cause equipment to run longer to maintain temperature.
  • Excessive dirt buildup within the duct system. If the filter’s dirty, everything past the filter is dirty too; this pumps your home full of dust, mold and/or allergen.
  • Air quality issues that affect your family’s health and your ability to keep your home clean.
  • Money wasted, due to the reduced efficiency of your home comfort system.

Our number one goal here at A-TEMP Heating & Cooling is

“Keeping you comfortable in your own home.”