Tips for Homeowners During Winter Months

With winter comes cold air, plenty of rain and snow. Using these quick, useful tips, you can transition into the winter months with ease.

Tips for your home:

  • Complete activities requiring a ladder all at once, when the weather is nice and the ground is dry
  • If you have a technician out to check your heating system, have him check related equipment.
  • If you have a professional out to deal with windows, siding, and roofing, have them check your entire exterior for additional problems
  • Clean any ducts in your household. It improves furnace productivity, reduce household dust, and provide relief for family members with respiratory problems
  • Consider having your chimney inspected – start by getting it checked by a professional every year – but if it is considerably clean, you can adjust the inspections to every couple years
  • Make sure bird & rodent screens are in good shape. During the colder months, many critters flee to warm, humid attics. While your home may save their lives for a few months, it can cause severe damage to your attic & house if left untreated
  • Caulk around window frames, repair any cracked or broken window panes/screens, and check for rotted wood around window areas