Service Repair Always Points Back to Maintenance

How many times have you been told at the oil change place “taking care of this now may prevent future problems”? In most of my blogs you will find that I reference the automotive industry frequently. One reason is I’m a big car guy and another reason is that the automotive industry is similar to the HVAC industry in many ways.

How Annual HVAC Maintenance Can Prevent Repair Services

I love the statement: If your furnace was a car traveling at 45mph it would have traveled 126,000 miles this year. If that doesn’t put it into perspective I don’t know what does. In other words the furnace is the hardest working appliance in your home hands down. For fun I checked the average miles that a semi truck drives in a given year and it was far less than 126,000 miles per year.

Now on to my point, when the inevitable happens and your gas furnace, electric furnace, heat pump or air conditioner fails you call us and are asked how we can make you smile. Then one of our smiling technicians arrives and has to deliver the bad news. Having a broken furnace is painful, it’s uncomfortable, stressful and worst of all expensive. It’s one thing to be told you have to spend money today but another to be reminded that it could have been prevented.

HVAC systems are built and tested in a clean environment so naturally the manufacturer is going to recommend the gas / electric furnace, heat pump or air conditioner be kept clean. The build up of dirt on most of the components on your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner will cause premature failure. It’s very important to listen to the condition report from your furnace technician and to take their recommendations into consideration. If you skip over getting maintenance done on your gas / electric furnace, heat pump or air conditioner expect it to fail.

Fixing the problem before it has a chance to fail gives you two major advantages. One advantage is that there is no surprise with the furnace going out at the worst possible time and no inconvenience on your day to day life. The second advantage is the peace of mind of knowing you have a sound machine providing you with heating and or cooling. We guarantee all of our parts for one year. This is not a guarantee offered by the manufacturer of that part, it is A-Temp’s guarantee and we stand behind it. If the part fails again within the first year we will not charge you to replace it.

How many of you need to set a reminder on your computer, calendar or personal communication device to get your annual tune up done? How many of you actually look at that calendar or e-mail reminder? Lastly how many of you act on that reminder before it gets shuffled aside and forgotten? As a Comfort Club Member you will not need to worry about it, let us call and remind you when it’s time to tune up your equipment. The tune up is included with every membership and you also benefit from discounts on diagnostic and repair fees as well.