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  • Air Conditioner Tip
    Air Conditioner Tip

    ILL SETTING YOUR AIR CONDITIONER’S TEMPERATURE LOW COOL YOUR ROOM DOWN FASTER? Example: It is a hot day, you have just returned home for the day. Your room is hot enough to fry and egg on the floor. ...

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  • Fans-Indoor Air Quality
    Fans-Indoor Air Quality

    Bath fans, what a brilliant invention for those of you out there who can’t stand the sulfur smell from a burnt match! I am CONSTANTLY walking past the bathrooms and laundry room in my own home and ...

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  • Service Repair Always Points Back to Maintenance
    Service Repair Always Points Back to Maintenance

    How many times have you been told at the oil change place “taking care of this now may prevent future problems”? In most of my blogs you will find that I reference the automotive industry frequently. ...

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